Friday, April 25, 2008

Thirteen Thursday on Friday

So, once again this week I am a day late.

Thirteen reason's I miss Mark.
1. I love him and enjoy being with him!!

2. He was the person that took out the trash.

3. He swept all the junk off the deck so the girls could play.

4. No one to wash my car.

5. No one to talk to a night after the girls go to sleep.

6. I miss waiting on him to get home and the girls being so happy to see him.

7. No one to fix the little things that get broken around the house.

8. No one to fight with over the stupid stuff when you just need to argue.

9. I miss the help I got on Sunday morning when we are trying to rush out the door to church.

10. I miss the weekend breakfasts that he always cooked.

11. I miss getting to go to Walmart with only one child (Mark only likes to watch one child at a time).

12. He always watched Korbue when I had to spend the night away and now I have to take Korbue with me.

13. I just miss you Mark and I am ready for you to come home safe!!!


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Ah, now I miss Mark for you! I love that picture of you guys at Graceland...who doesn't love Elvis? Brian takes out the trash too, I hate it when he is gone :)