Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Holidays

The girls and I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. I am sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, here is a new picture of the girls.

I will post more soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bathing Beauties

NJ and Emma really enjoy their baths, they would take several baths a day if I would let them. Emma is really getting into being like NJ and wants to wash herself and help with NJ's bath like NJ helps her. Here are some funny pictures from a couple of baths they took recently.

Emma is trying to soap herself up like NJ does.

NJ's turns 4

I guess I should finish my post about NJ's birthday.

NJ loves Applebee's, she knows the restaurant when she see it and she lets everyone know that she saw an Applebee's. So for NJ's birthday we went to Applebee's. She was so happy, Grams had a big princess balloon that sang "Happy Birthday" waiting for at the table when we got there. We had a great dinner and right before we left the waitresses came and sang "Happy Birthday," she got a little nervous but really liked it. We all headed back to our house for cake and presents. NJ got everything she wanted and then some. She really enjoyed the phone calls and e-mails she received from everyone. We are looking forward to a great year with a 4 year old.

Emma was so happy at Applebee's

Look at all I got!!!

Now I am an Indian Princess too!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

NJ's School Party

NJ had a party Thursday at Mother's-day-out, she really enjoyed herself and loved having kids her age there. Emma and her friend Noah (NJ's teacher's son) came down from that 1 year old class to join the fun. The kids ate cake and then NJ had a special gift from her teacher. One little boy slept through the entire party. It looks like NJ is going to have a great year, she had a great party and she has made some really good friends.

Just some pictures

So I have become the friend that I am always upset with, I have not posted in a very long time. Here are some misc. pictures from this summer.

NJ Blowing Bubbles (Mark dressed her in a 2T shirts)

Emma watching NJ blow bubbles

Emma and Korbeu eating chips off the floor

I just thought Em looked cute with her arms like that.

Emma loves corn!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Baby

Emma decided today to start taking a bottle. In the first year of Emma's life she took a bottle only a handful of times, most times just letting the milk run out her mouth. Last week I packed up all my bottles and sold them on e-bay. Well, today Emma sucked on her doll's bottle all morning long, I finally found one of the bottles I didn't sale and let her have her milk in that. She was so happy she has been caring the bottle around and drinking from it ever since.

Our Summer

We have had a very busy summer and have not got much posting done, OK no posting done. Here are some pictures if you have forgotten what my girls look like.

The girls at my cousin Deidre's wedding.

Emma waiting for Bible class to start.

NJ at Go Diego Go! Live

Diego's Baby Jaguar

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby Wearers

For those of you who don't know Emma loves to be worn. I got my first baby carrier with NJ but, she didn't like to be in it and it really hurt my back. With Emma I thought I have to try this again. The carrier I had with NJ still hurt my back so I went looking for a carrier that didn't hurt. I got a "wrap" to try when Emma was very small and she loved it, I could wear her anywhere and she was happy being right there with me. In February I got a carrier that is better for bigger kids and we have been addicted ever since. Emma will bring the carrier to me and cry until I put her on. Today NJ wanted to wear Emma. I let NJ put the carrier on but it was way to big. I had her get a doll and some blankets and I made her a carrier. This was short lived and it was just laying in the floor when Emma decided she wanted to wear the baby. Emma has been wearing the baby all around the house. NJ has found another doll and a different carrier and now they both have their babies on. It looks like my girls are going to be great mommies that wear their babies.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 2007

I don't really have much to blog about this month. The girls are doing great, they are having a lot more fun playing together. Emma has gotten 3 new teeth in the past 2 weeks so she has been a little upset. I took the girls to the mall last week and they were taking pictures for Mother's Day. The girls just happened to be matching that day so I got this great picture of them. This is the first professional picture we have had taken of Em. NJ had probably 20 professional pictures by this age, it is truly different with the second child.

NJ left this morning for a week long trip. She is going to Disney World with Granddad and Grams. I am sure everyone knows by now that she wants to have her name changed to Cinderella. I do have to let people, that don't know us, know that I did not name her Cinderella because I get some strange looks when we call her that out in public. She did ask me yesterday why I didn't name her Cinderella when she was born, I get enough grief for naming her James could you imagine if I named her Cinderella. I will post picture from Disney World as soon as I get some from Grams.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Magic Springs

Mark and I decided that this year NJ was big enough to get a season pass to Magic Springs (the local amusement and water park). Saturday Mark, Emma and I went to Magic Springs to check it out and see what all NJ would be able to ride. Emma had so much fun. She road 2 rides and then just hung out in the stroller while Mark and I took turns riding some rides. Sunday after church Mark met us at the restaurant for NJ's big surprise. NJ couldn't figure out exactly what was going on but she stood in line like a big girl and go her picture made for her pass. Then it was off to the rides. NJ wasn't a big fan of all the rides but she really enjoyed the train. We got her on a couple more rides but she wanted to go back to the train for one last ride before left. I did get her to ride the log ride with me and she wasn't to thrilled. She tired to get off in the middle of the ride but she stuck it out and says that she will ride with her daddy next time. The water park will be opening this weekend so I think she will have more fun when she can get in the water and play. I hopefully will have some better pictures this summer but for now here are the pictures Mark took with his phone.

Emma's first ride

Emma loves to go up and down on these big horses.

First ride of the day and NJ is in a great mood.

Second ride of the day and NJ is so scared, she can't lift her hand to wave to the camera.

Still scared but we got a little smile out of her

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Cont...

I forgot to add easter egg hunt pictures to my last post so here are some.

It was a little cool.

Emma did really good!

Our only Easter Bunny picture!

Emma is ONE!!!

Yesterday was Emma's first birthday. It was a very sad day because my baby isn't a baby anymore. She had a great day. The girls played most of the day and just hung out around the house. Then last night we met Daddy, Granddad, and Grams at Danny's and had a great supper. Before we left the entire restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to Emma. Emma couldn't believe that everyone was singing to her. After dinner we all went to Granddad and Grams' and had cake and opened presents. Emma had tried the cake at the restaurant and didn't really like her hand being covered in icing. The second try and G and G's wasn't any better. She like looking a all her presents better. Notice I didn't say opening, NJ was the big helper who opened them and showed them to Em. When we got home she was just to excited to go to bed so she played with her toys and stayed up late. I think she enjoyed her first birthday!!


What can I say about our Easter Sunday? Well to start the day off my van had no gas so the girls and I sat in the car for an hour until poor Mark could get enough gas to get us going. OK, so I got the bad out of the way I can now get to the good.

Look at that beautiful Hair

Emma doesn't know what happened.

The girls woke up in a great mood. They loved what the Easter bunny left them so they played while I go ready. Besides being an hour late to church we had a great Sunday service, NJ was so happy because her daddy came to church. After church we went home to a great Easter lunch that Mark had prepared. Then it was off to the Village Easter Egg Hunt. The girls did great. Emma got 8 eggs all by herself and NJ got 23 eggs. NJ had really gotten good at the whole finding eggs thing because this was her 3rd hunt in less than a week.
The girls and their friend Hayden.
(Boy is it hard to get a 1, 2, and3 year old to sit still)

This is Cinderella in her Castle with the Vanity she got from Grams and Granddad