Friday, September 21, 2007

Bathing Beauties

NJ and Emma really enjoy their baths, they would take several baths a day if I would let them. Emma is really getting into being like NJ and wants to wash herself and help with NJ's bath like NJ helps her. Here are some funny pictures from a couple of baths they took recently.

Emma is trying to soap herself up like NJ does.

NJ's turns 4

I guess I should finish my post about NJ's birthday.

NJ loves Applebee's, she knows the restaurant when she see it and she lets everyone know that she saw an Applebee's. So for NJ's birthday we went to Applebee's. She was so happy, Grams had a big princess balloon that sang "Happy Birthday" waiting for at the table when we got there. We had a great dinner and right before we left the waitresses came and sang "Happy Birthday," she got a little nervous but really liked it. We all headed back to our house for cake and presents. NJ got everything she wanted and then some. She really enjoyed the phone calls and e-mails she received from everyone. We are looking forward to a great year with a 4 year old.

Emma was so happy at Applebee's

Look at all I got!!!

Now I am an Indian Princess too!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

NJ's School Party

NJ had a party Thursday at Mother's-day-out, she really enjoyed herself and loved having kids her age there. Emma and her friend Noah (NJ's teacher's son) came down from that 1 year old class to join the fun. The kids ate cake and then NJ had a special gift from her teacher. One little boy slept through the entire party. It looks like NJ is going to have a great year, she had a great party and she has made some really good friends.

Just some pictures

So I have become the friend that I am always upset with, I have not posted in a very long time. Here are some misc. pictures from this summer.

NJ Blowing Bubbles (Mark dressed her in a 2T shirts)

Emma watching NJ blow bubbles

Emma and Korbeu eating chips off the floor

I just thought Em looked cute with her arms like that.

Emma loves corn!!