Monday, November 27, 2006

Our Son Emmett...

Gotta love that smile!

Everyone knows that kids will tell you like it is. NJ is no different and she is so funny about the things she thinks up. NJ was spent Saturday night at my sister Wendy's house, so Sunday after church Emma and I went to get her. Mark had dressed Emma in a very cute boy outfit (I do really like the outfit but was going to put some girl touches to it before Emma wore it). After Emma and I picked up NJ we started on the 40 min. trip home. About 5 min. into the trip NJ say "Mama why is Emma dress like a boy?" I couldn't help but laugh.

Daddy's little boy!

Decorating the Tree

Saturday morning Daddy decided to start getting the decorations out from under the house, I guess that was a hint I needed to get all the Thanksgiving decorations put away. We all worked together and by noon we had all our decorations up. NJ was so excited to have the tree up and the fireplace all decorated.

She loves to "ham it up" for the camera.


Thanksgiving is Mommy's favorite holiday. This year was great as always. Both girls had a great time and really enjoyed seeing everyone. Cousin Erynn was the only one not there, she was off in Hawaii having a great time with the JHS band.

NJ was really confused by everyone being at her Granddad and Grams' house but she so enjoyed playing and dancing for everyone. We hope everyone else had a great holiday.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Poor Baby

I don't have good stories of our exciting adventures but I do have so bad news about Emma. Emma ran a fever all weekend but she was a great little trooper and went to my cousin Mindy's wedding and acted like a perfect angel. Monday morning after we returned I took her to the doctor to see what was going on. They checked her ears and her throat and they looked fine so the nurse did a little finger prick to check her blood. This test came back with a high white blood cell count so poor Emma had to be catheterized and a large vile of blood taken. She received 2 antibiotic shots and we went home. Emma slept most of the day Monday. Tuesday it was back to the doctor. The doctor gave us the bad news that it was a UTI and that she would have to have 2 more shots and then a referral to Children's Hospital in Little Rock. For those of you who don't know NJ had this problem back in January and it was discovered that she had Kidney Reflux and she had been on medication ever since. Please keep Emma in your prayers that this is not the same thing that NJ has and that she will not have to start daily antibiotics. I will post more information when we have it.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Christmas Tree Farm

On Nov. 4th Emma, NJ and I picked up Grams and Granddad and headed north for the Christmas tree farm (about 30 min north but still north). NJ was so excited she checked out all the trees looking for that special tree. Several were too big and several were too small and then she found the one that was just right. She also helped Grams find the tree that would be just right for Grams and Granddad.

She got to see some sheep and some guineas. She liked the sheep because they were fenced in and she could stay a good distance back but the birds she wasn't to sure about they got a little to close. After picking the perfect trees we headed off to Applebees (NJ's favorite restaurant) and had lunch. NJ just wanted the strawberries that came with Granddad's sandwich so, we had to ask for more and she ate all of them too. After that it was ice cream and then a good nap on the drive home.

NJ's perfect tree!!

Emma Got Something......

On Halloween we got big suprise, EMMA GOT HER FIRST TOOTH!!!

Emma has slept through the night since she was 3 months old. I had always thought it was a great blessing and then a couple weeks before Halloween she stopped. I was a very upset mom, I have always enjoyed my sleep. Poor Emma was a different baby and I was very worried about her then I felt it, she bit me and for once it wasn't all gums there was something there. She has always loved to suck on peoples fingers but now she is enjoying sinking her little tooth into them. The second tooth is already to the surface so #2 will be here soon.


Halloween was a very fun day for the Lane family. We went to the church down the road and did Trunk or Treat. NJ had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting a TON of candy (thanks to Mrs. Betty who made sure she got extra). NJ finally wore her Dora costume to this activity, the week before she only wanted to be a Cheerleader. It is so tough being 3 and having to pick just one thing to be. Emma enjoyed seeing all the people and smiling at them, she went as Emma in a Halloween shirt (thank you cousin Emily for the shirt). We did wait around all night for Trick or Treaters and no one stopped by. I guess that is what we get for living in a retirement community. We had a great Halloween and NJ is already for Halloween 2007.

Boo at the Zoo, Fall Festivals and Family fun

So I am a little behind on my posts, this should be from the week before Halloween.

The girls and I had a busy week and a half leading up to Halloween. On the 22nd of October we went to Little Rock and enjoyed an exciting night of Boo at the Zoo. NJ and I took cousin Lane and her friend Katie with us for the excitement. NJ had a little trouble understanding and wanted to know why Boo (our dog) was going to be at the Zoo, when we got that explained we were good to go. NJ enjoyed most every part of the Zoo, she went around to all the booths and got her candy. Then the older girls went to the Haunted House, NJ thought she wanted to go but Mama was way to scared to take her. We did go on the Haunted train ride (we didn't know it was haunted until we were on it). We survived and she is happy she went on it. Besides a few costume scares she had a great time.

We also enjoyed 3 Fall Festivals at the local churches in the area. On the Wednesday night before Halloween we went to the Village Church of Christ festival. NJ was having fun and even won the cookie walk but then she saw him, the guy from Scream was sitting beside the cookie walk and she took off. I had to find her in the crowd and she was ready to go. The second Fall Festival was a little more fun and she actually stayed a little longer. The final Festival we didn't even make it in the door, she saw an adult in a costume and we had to leave that minute. Emma loved all 3 festivals and was ready for more.

Besides all our fun outside the home we did another little pumpkin project. The 2 small pumpkins we got at the Pumpkin Patch were just to small to carve so NJ and decided to paint them. We cleaned off the coffee table and put newspaper down and got all our paint out and had a great time making our pumpkins beautiful. NJ's had several layers of paint and ended up all one color but it was the best pumpkin she had ever seen. She then thought that all the newspaper needed some color too so she painted it. All in all the week leading up to Halloween was a lot of fun for the Lane family.