Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Poor Baby

I don't have good stories of our exciting adventures but I do have so bad news about Emma. Emma ran a fever all weekend but she was a great little trooper and went to my cousin Mindy's wedding and acted like a perfect angel. Monday morning after we returned I took her to the doctor to see what was going on. They checked her ears and her throat and they looked fine so the nurse did a little finger prick to check her blood. This test came back with a high white blood cell count so poor Emma had to be catheterized and a large vile of blood taken. She received 2 antibiotic shots and we went home. Emma slept most of the day Monday. Tuesday it was back to the doctor. The doctor gave us the bad news that it was a UTI and that she would have to have 2 more shots and then a referral to Children's Hospital in Little Rock. For those of you who don't know NJ had this problem back in January and it was discovered that she had Kidney Reflux and she had been on medication ever since. Please keep Emma in your prayers that this is not the same thing that NJ has and that she will not have to start daily antibiotics. I will post more information when we have it.


Jamie said...

Poor Emma! We have been praying for her. Keep us posted and I hope she gets to feeling better!