Sunday, November 12, 2006

Christmas Tree Farm

On Nov. 4th Emma, NJ and I picked up Grams and Granddad and headed north for the Christmas tree farm (about 30 min north but still north). NJ was so excited she checked out all the trees looking for that special tree. Several were too big and several were too small and then she found the one that was just right. She also helped Grams find the tree that would be just right for Grams and Granddad.

She got to see some sheep and some guineas. She liked the sheep because they were fenced in and she could stay a good distance back but the birds she wasn't to sure about they got a little to close. After picking the perfect trees we headed off to Applebees (NJ's favorite restaurant) and had lunch. NJ just wanted the strawberries that came with Granddad's sandwich so, we had to ask for more and she ate all of them too. After that it was ice cream and then a good nap on the drive home.

NJ's perfect tree!!


Jamie said...

Wow, you did get us caught up! That is a lot to post in one night. I love it, the pictures are great!! Sounds like she had an awesome Halloween. You are such a good mom, just the thought of paint makes my nerves frazzle. Good tree, you will have to give me tips on keeping little hands off the decorations!!! Thanks again,