Monday, May 17, 2010

It has been almost 2 years since my last post. Where has the time gone? I am going to try blogging from my phone. Here it goes......

(so the picture didn't work from my phone I had to get online and fix it)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NJ starts school (August 19, 2008)

After five years of waiting this dreaded year arrived when NJ was to start school but, the State of Arkansas changed the birthday cutoff and NJ was 7 days shy of being old enough to start Kindergarten. I thought long and hard and wanted her to do something more than MDO this year. I found the most wonderful school for her, it is a Church of Christ Montesory school. On August 19th we woke up at 5:30 am and got ready to make the long trip to Little Rock. Nervous NJ was a little scared but absolutly loved her new school. A couple of her friends from MDO (Kaylee and Camille) also go to her new school which really helped her get over being nervous.

I have also enjoyed taking her to school. The cars line up and all the kids hangout the window and yell at each other. The teachers pick the girls up and bring them back to their car so moms don't have to get out in the rain or the heat.

I hope the rest of the year is as great as this first month!!!

NJ my dancer (August 18, 2008)

After 6 months of changing her mind several times a day DANCE finally won out over cheer leading and gymnastics. The weeks after registration were filled with many hours of wanting to know when she actually got to start. The day finally arrived and the poor girl was a nervous wreck (a bad habit that she gets from her mom). When class started she was fine and she has been excited to go every week. NJ loves dance and is already talking about trying out for the Nut Cracker next year.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. Mark is home for another week.

2. Mark has cooked every meal since he has been home.

3. Mark has been taking out the trash and hate taking the trash out so much!!!

4. My new van

5. Mark ordered me new carpet

6. NJ loves school and enjoys going.

7. Barbara for taking NJ to school these last 2 weeks so I don't have to drive to Little Rock.

8. Great friends who have made sure my Mothers-Day-Out class has been covered so I can stay home with Mark.

9. The 2 wonderful girls I share my life with.

10. Mark is home for another week!!!! (I am very thankful for this)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are alive!!!

I am so very sorry that my blog has been neglected but life has just been flying by.

Mark is home on leave so we are enjoying him.

NJ started dance and school so we are just running more than we aren't.

We live in Little Rock half the week and half the week at our house so I spent my time at home doing laundry and packing again.

OK, none of those are good enough reasons to forget about my internet friends but that is what has been going on. I will post on all our excitement when I get a chance to breath!!

Love to all~

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. I am so thankful Mark is safe again this week.

2. I am thankful that we have a zoo close enough to go to and a year pass so we can go whenever we want.

3. I am thankful that the zoo has several buildings with A/C.

4. I am thankful that my kids enjoy playing with each other even if they fight a lot to be 2 and 4.

5. I am so glad we went to a party this weekend and the kids got to play with other kids and I got to talk to people that I don't get to see very often and some I see each week.

6. Fireworks at the party because, I was a bad parent and didn't stay up late and take my kids to the fireworks on the 4th.

7. I am thankful that it is July and the temp isn't in the 100s.

8. I am thankful the kitchen is clean and I got most of the plastics out of it.

9. I am thankful I am almost done and can go get in the shower.

10. As always I am thankful for these 2 crazy kids I get to spent my life with.

LBC and 4th of July 053 1

Friday, July 04, 2008

Little Bitty City

I was very thankful for this place, this week, so I thought I would share some pictures of the wonderful time we had there. On Tuesday we spend 1 1/2 hours there and I had to drag them out of the place. On Thursday our friend Nathan watched the girls there for 3 hours while my sister and I went junk store shopping. After 3 hours the only reason they wanted to leave was due to hunger. This place is a good safe environment that keeps us cool on these hot Arkansas days. I am so glad found this place!!

LBC and 4th of July 014
NJ all dressed up for some Watermelon with her hair still braided from the beach.

LBC and 4th of July 025
Emma so enjoys crawling through this red tunnel

LBC and 4th of July 027 2
Emma's new smile, in the Chacita Banana girl outfit

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Trip to Jonesboro (June 20-22)

Misc June 031
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The girls and I had a great weekend in Jonesboro. We got a lot of visiting in with my sister Lori and her family and my friend Amanda and her family it was great catching up with everyone. Saturday we went to Rene's wedding and did a little shopping at Turtle Creek Mall. Sunday we finished up or tour of Jonesboro by going to church were I went for 20 years of my life, it was great seeing all the people that I knew and loved so much.

We decided to spend Sunday night with Wendy in Sherwood and do some fun stuff in Little Rock on Monday. We took our first LR trolley ride all around North Little Rock and Little Rock, we ate at Iriana's Pizza and then we walked over Big Dam Bridge.

Misc June 030

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. Mark is safe and we are another week closer to him coming home.

2. NJ and Barbara had a safe trip to Myrtle Beach and they are back home.

3. I am thankful that we found Little Bitty City, it is an indoor play area that the girls really enjoyed.

4. I am glad Little Bitty City has a monthly membership.

5. I am thankful Emma's bad fall today only resulted in a very black eye and no broken bones.

6. My new roof was approved by the Townhouse Association and I should have a new roof in the next 30 days.

7. I am thankful that Mark got moved into his new housing.

8. I am thankful Mark has Instant Messenger in his room and we can talk everyday.

9. I am thankful my children like to sleep.

10. As always I am thankful for these two crazy kids that I get to spend my life with.
Misc June 016

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Greek Food Festival (May 17th)

Every Spring the Greek Orthodox Church holds it annual Greek Food Festival. Dad, Barbara, the girls and I all decided to go experience a little Greek food and fun. The festival was a lot of fun, there was free face painting and other activities for the kids. The girls had to get their faces painted and tattoos on their arms before we could even eat. The adults enjoyed great Greek food while the girls at hot dogs. NJ and Emma really enjoyed watching the Greek dancing which we could see from our table. After some shopping at the great arts and craft booths we headed back to the Village. We did have to make a stop at Krispy Kreme on our way home.

NJ enjoys any chance she gets to put face paint on or dress up
There were several performances, this was the one with little kids
Emma was so tired!!
She passed out as soon as we got in the car.

Zoo (May 1st)

We make many trips a year to the zoo but this time we went with the kids in our Mother's Day Out program. We had a great day, it was a little chilly in the morning but we were very thankful it wasn't hot. The kids enjoyed looking at all the animals and spending some time outside with their friends. The train ride was a big hit as always and then we enjoyed lunch at the new restaurant in the zoo. We stayed a little longer then everyone else and looked at the snakes which are NJ's favorite.

Emma tried to look over all the walls but she needed a little help most of the time

Over half my pictures are of the backside of the kids

Kaylee (NJ's best friend), NJ and Will

The End

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. I am thankful that Mark is safe again this week!!!
2. My home has A/C and it works!
3. MDO is on summer break and I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn this morning.
4. I am not driving to LR 2 days a week and having to put all my money in my gas tank.
5. The girls had a good morning at the park.
6. My short haircut that makes getting ready easy.
7. My eye is better today (I hurt my eye Sunday night and I couldn't wear contacts yesterday so, I had to use old glasses and couldn't see all day.)
8. Bubbles they make any day fun.

9. For the wonderful life I have.
10. As always I am thankful to my 2 wonderful girls!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day late and a Dollar Short

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

OK so I am a little later than a day but it seems that this should be the theme of my life.

1. Mark is safe and another week closer to coming home.

2. My new Hoover Floormate, if you are one of those mom's who has to mop everyday this is the best invention ever!!! It vacuums my hard floors, it mops them and then it dries them. My girls were always falling on the wet floor after I mopped.

3. We are finally home, we have just been busy this week and we are finally getting to spend a day at home.

4. The girls and I made it home safe last night it a bad storm.

5. My wonderful sister that kept the girls this week so I could have a night to myself. We all sleep in one bed and it is hard to believe but those 2 little girls can take up a whole king size bed and push me out. It is nice to sleep in the middle of my bed.

6. I am thankful that I got to worship at Somers Avenue C of C this week and I got to know some great woman in the Bible class. (This is the congregation that I work at)

7. I am thankful for the great big hug I am getting right now for no reason.

8. I am thankful for little girls that have great thoughts that make me laugh. NJ ask me this morning if I knew who Albert Einstein was and then told me he is the man that did MC². I hope she can make us a lot of money one day.

9. I am thankful for my blog friend Lizz who makes great wooden animals that my children love and the mailman woke us up with a great package of her animals this morning.

10. And as always I am thankful for my wonderful life and the great girls I spend it with.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I will post again soon!!! The girls and I have been away from home for a couple of days, we had a great Garage Sale this weekend and are finally back home. I just love getting rid of the junk that clutters up our life. Maybe one day I will have a house that has no crap in it just the needed things. I know it will not happen any day soon! I come by the pack-rat gene honestly, when my mother died (9 year ago last week)it took my father months to dig through all the stuff she had saved. Maybe tomorrow I will remember to bring my camera in and can blog with some new pictures. I will leave you all with a picture of my hot husband.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Today the girls decided to paint pictures to send their daddy. NJ was very neat and clean while painting just like she is when she does anything. Emma was very very messy, just like she is in everyday life. I am trying to come up with some ideas for fun summer activies that we can do indoors when it is to hot to go out and play.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. Mark is safe and he is another week closer to coming home.

2. I get to be a SAHM and have the wonderful life God has blessed me with.

3. My house is clean!!

4. My girls had a good car ride home from LR, no fighting!!!

5. Both girls are asleep!

6. I got my wonderful bag and towels from Jamie.

7. We are going to the Zoo this week.

8. I was able to go walking (and talking) with my sister today.

9. I got to see Abe this weekend and had a great time at her baby shower.

10. I am thankful that my sister Lori's tongue is OK.

The Williams Sisters

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tagged again!!!

OK I was tagged by Jamie.

What was I doing 10 years ago-I was in college at ASU-J and I worked in the Finance office. In April Bryan Stover and I broke up and I started dating JJ.

(Me 10 years ago)

5 things on my to do list:
1. Unload car from weekend trip
2. Do laundry
3. Clean house-Monday is my clean day
4. Mop floor
5. Catch up on Tivo

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
1. Get a new house with enough room for all my junk
2. Hire a housekeeper, trainer and cook
3. Buy Mark the RV bus he wants so we could travel the US
4. Buy my dad a new house and car
5. Give money to the church

Three bad habits:
1. Put things off (mostly house work)
2. Talk when I should be listening
3. Eat to much and don't work out

Five Places I have lived:
1. Jonesboro (25 years)
2. Westbrook Maine (3 weeks)
3. Portland Maine (15 months)
4. Durham Maine (4 months)
5. Hot Springs Village (4 years)

5 jobs I have had:
1. ASU (I worked a lot of places there)
2. Goodys
3. Houndstooth
4. Walmart
5. Arkansas Dept of Higher Ed

5 people I want to know more about
1. Courtney
2. Jess
3. Amy
4. Sara
5. Lori

Friday, April 25, 2008


With all the seating in our house, the girls thought this was the best place to watch TV.

Thirteen Thursday on Friday

So, once again this week I am a day late.

Thirteen reason's I miss Mark.
1. I love him and enjoy being with him!!

2. He was the person that took out the trash.

3. He swept all the junk off the deck so the girls could play.

4. No one to wash my car.

5. No one to talk to a night after the girls go to sleep.

6. I miss waiting on him to get home and the girls being so happy to see him.

7. No one to fix the little things that get broken around the house.

8. No one to fight with over the stupid stuff when you just need to argue.

9. I miss the help I got on Sunday morning when we are trying to rush out the door to church.

10. I miss the weekend breakfasts that he always cooked.

11. I miss getting to go to Walmart with only one child (Mark only likes to watch one child at a time).

12. He always watched Korbue when I had to spend the night away and now I have to take Korbue with me.

13. I just miss you Mark and I am ready for you to come home safe!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I know, I know it isn't Tuesday anymore.

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. Mark called Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It is funny how much a phone call can do for your spirits.

2. Tuesday's and Thursday's with Wendy. I really need that time with my sister we seem to be closer now than we have ever been in our lives.

3. The 5 kids in my Mother's day out class. They make me appreciate my children so much more.

4. My van is clean and it feels so nice not having to worry about something falling out when I open the door.

5. It is warm enough for the girls to go out on the deck and play.

6. It isn't so hot that we have to stay inside.

7. My laundry is all caught up.

8. Korbue got a haircut and he looks so much better.

9. My friend CS she is a great friend and she is someone great to bounce ideas and thoughts off of. It has been a long time since I have had a friend who is a member of the church who understands the battles of being a Christian and a parent.

10. And as always I am thankful for the 2 beautiful girls that I get to spend my life with.

Friday, April 18, 2008


We have all been under the weather and haven't really felt like taking pictures, OK I will be honest we haven't bathed enough to take pictures. We spend 3 days cooped up in our home that started feeling smaller by the minute. We did venture out of the house yesterday so hopefully we will start getting out and doing again. I will leave you with pictures to hold you over until we have more.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1. Mark is my best friend, without him I would never have left Jonesboro and I wouldn't have my #2 and #3.

2. NJ is my oldest child, she is always thinking and loves to be a princess.

3. Emma is my youngest child, she loves to play and be wild.

4. I am very thankful that my girls still love each other.

5. Without this I would never be able to wake up.

6. Without LL Bean flip flops my feet would not be comfortable (I can't stand anything on my toes)

7. I am one of those dorks who can't be without their e-mail and internet so this little phone keeps me connected.

8. I don't like to clean but this plays all the music on my iPhone so I can get something done.

9. This is the only way I get to watch my shows.

10. My big weakness, this my have a lot to do with me being over weight.