Monday, April 30, 2007

Magic Springs

Mark and I decided that this year NJ was big enough to get a season pass to Magic Springs (the local amusement and water park). Saturday Mark, Emma and I went to Magic Springs to check it out and see what all NJ would be able to ride. Emma had so much fun. She road 2 rides and then just hung out in the stroller while Mark and I took turns riding some rides. Sunday after church Mark met us at the restaurant for NJ's big surprise. NJ couldn't figure out exactly what was going on but she stood in line like a big girl and go her picture made for her pass. Then it was off to the rides. NJ wasn't a big fan of all the rides but she really enjoyed the train. We got her on a couple more rides but she wanted to go back to the train for one last ride before left. I did get her to ride the log ride with me and she wasn't to thrilled. She tired to get off in the middle of the ride but she stuck it out and says that she will ride with her daddy next time. The water park will be opening this weekend so I think she will have more fun when she can get in the water and play. I hopefully will have some better pictures this summer but for now here are the pictures Mark took with his phone.

Emma's first ride

Emma loves to go up and down on these big horses.

First ride of the day and NJ is in a great mood.

Second ride of the day and NJ is so scared, she can't lift her hand to wave to the camera.

Still scared but we got a little smile out of her


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Wow! Emma looks like such a big girl! It seems like she was born just yesterday, the time goes by so quickly. It is nice you live to close to something like that!