Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What can I say about our Easter Sunday? Well to start the day off my van had no gas so the girls and I sat in the car for an hour until poor Mark could get enough gas to get us going. OK, so I got the bad out of the way I can now get to the good.

Look at that beautiful Hair

Emma doesn't know what happened.

The girls woke up in a great mood. They loved what the Easter bunny left them so they played while I go ready. Besides being an hour late to church we had a great Sunday service, NJ was so happy because her daddy came to church. After church we went home to a great Easter lunch that Mark had prepared. Then it was off to the Village Easter Egg Hunt. The girls did great. Emma got 8 eggs all by herself and NJ got 23 eggs. NJ had really gotten good at the whole finding eggs thing because this was her 3rd hunt in less than a week.
The girls and their friend Hayden.
(Boy is it hard to get a 1, 2, and3 year old to sit still)

This is Cinderella in her Castle with the Vanity she got from Grams and Granddad