Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Thursday was Emma's 2nd birthday. Thursday morning Emma woke up to NJ and Mama singing "Happy Birthday" and from then on she had a huge smile on her face. On are drive, to Little Rock, Mark called her and she was able to talk to her daddy which is one of her very favorite things to do. Then the crazy started, a huge storm moved across the state hitting Little Rock around 11. All the classes had to get in a small hallway behind the baptistery and wait the storm out (if you have never sat in a small hallway with 9 young children you don't know fun). The storm blew through and the weather was much nicer. NJ convinced Emma to let her pick where we ate supper so Applebee's was the location of Emma's birthday supper. After dinner we went to Granddad and Grams' house for presents and cake. Emma opens a little different than most people, she rips every gift open and never looks at it, she jut picks up another gift and moves to another location, needles to say she left a little tornado of paper all over the floor. After Cars cake we headed home for 13 hours of sleep.

Things everyone should know about Emma: she calls "Cars" Ka-choww, she ask for Ham for every meal, she can not keep her shoes on in the car, she wears her shoes on the wrong feet, she loves any kind of doll and likes to have one at all times, she talks non-stop, she is afraid of large dogs but loves little dogs even the ones that bite, she has OCD and loves to have everything in order we call her Monk (if you don't know who this is look on USA), she climbs on everything, she is a tomboy, she will argue with anything if NJ isn't around to argue with, she is very sweet and will give hugs and kisses all day long. Emma is lots of things and we love her for everyone of them. Emma has made the last 2 years wonderful for everyone that knows her.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

We LOVE Cars at our house!!! I am so glad your girls do too, that we aren't the only ones. It looks like you guys had a great birthday party, that cake is wow....and 13 hours of sleep....a double wow!!

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Tagged!!! You have been tagged.

Anonymous said...

That picture of NJ holding newborn Emma is so sweet it'll bring tears to your eyes. What a beautiful family you have! I loved reading about Emma...I feel like i know her now!
(Kristen H- I really gotta sign up for a google account!)