Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas In Maine

December 21st the Lane family headed to Maine, after 3 long days in the car we finally arrived. The girls were so excited to be in Maine and loved the condo we stayed in. Our first night there Nana and Taylor came down and had supper with us. Michelle and Grampy came down later. Taylor and Grampy spent the night and the girls had so much fun playing.

Christmas Eve was spent with Grampy and our day ended with a nice dinner at GG's house (Mark's grandmother). 2 more of the girls cousins were there so GG had a house full with 5 little girls. Christmas day we got up early to see what Santa brought and then it was off to Nana's for a ton of presents. Brunch was a Papa's house and the girls got to see more cousins.

6 children under 5 was a mad house but we all had fun. An early supper and Aunt Kathy's was how we finished off the day and finally wore NJ out. The rest of our time in Maine was spent catching up with family and enjoying our time together. The end of our trip came way to soon and it was back in the car for 3 more days. When we were finally home we were all exhausted but grateful for our safe return and the time we got to spend with everyone.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip! I am glad it was a safe one. Great pictures! Happy New Year!!!